Fruit breeding: We carry out conventional breeding programs in peach, Asian plum and kiwifruits. In these species we seek to generate new genotypes that combine excellent post-harvest life potential and a high sensorial quality. In addition, we started in 2017 a joint work with the CEAF aimed to improve rootstocks of stone fruits, walnut and cherry. In this case we seek to generate new rootstocks that induce a high productivity in the scion, resistance to soil borne diseases and tolerant to water deficit.

Fruit quality: This area is focusedin the study of certain parameters of fruit quality through studies of the physiology in general and the texture in particular, in addition to sensorial quality. Particularly interesting for our group is the maintenance of a high quality of the fruit after very long post-harvest periods. In stone fruits we seek to maintain an excellent quality even after 40 or 50 days of postharvest.

Genetics and genomics: In this area we address issues associated with the quality of fruit from the point of view of its genetic control, aimed to learn how the expression of some genes associated with different phenotypes of interestfuntion. We are also interested in the development and use of molecular markers to perform assisted selection of the new genotypes within our breeding programs for doing a more efficient genotype selection. Currently, we work in nectarines, peach, Asian plum, walnut, and kiwifruit.