Program Breeding Kiwifruit

Chile-Italy Genetic Improvement Program for Kiwifruit Based on Marker-Assisted Selection

Rodrigo Infante

Tomás Cooper
Claudio Meneses
Cristian Araneda

72 meses

Marzo de 2011



    Kiwifruit industry has standed practically in a single variety and Chile is one of the most important countries in the production and exportation of kiwifruit. The price of the Chilean product is quite low and the Chilean orchards show low productivity. These two situations convice us to initiate a local breeding program in 2011. This project seeks to a) generate new varieties that respond to the requirements of the local industry, and b) conduct studies of the genetics of the species, focused on the generation of molecular markers useful for facilitating the breeding program.


    Establish an international breeding program for kiwifruit, supported by marker-assisted selection.


    1. To develop molecular markers associated with gender determination and fruit quality (size, texture, SST, MS, AT, pulp color, vitamin C, phenols) useful for facilitating selection.
    2. To establish the bases of a breeding program, establishing segregant populations and evaluating the agronomic performance of advanced genetic lines.
    3. Develop a governance model of the breeding program, along with a technology transfer program that early binds to companies through participatory breeding.

    We initiate doing crossings either in Chile as in Italy, which have led to obtaining segregating populations of Actinidia. The seedlings are growing at the Rinconada de Maipú Experimental Station.


    Associated Publications:

    • Cifuentes-Esquivel et al., 2012. Marker assisted selection for sex determination in a kiwifruit breeding program.VII Reunión de Biología Vegetal, Pucón, Chile. 3 al 6 diciembre.
    • Scaglione et al., 2014.A RAD-based linkage map of kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis Pl.) and the map-position of genetic determinants of several traits of interest for breeders.VIII International Symposium on Kiwifruit, Chengdu, China. 18 al 22 septiembre.
    • Scaglione et al., 2015. A RAD-based linkage map of kiwifruit (Actinidia chinenesis Pl.) as a tool to improve the genome assembly and to scan the genomic region of the gender determinant for the marker-assisted breeding.
    • Pinto et al., 2016.Molecular markers for early gender screening in kiwifruit (Actinidia spp.).XI Jornadas Científicas SOI 2016, en Bolzano, Italia, 14-16 septiembre.

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